This is what your business needs…..

Now this is advertising I not only want to watch, I’ll send it to my friends too!!

Can you do that – in any way – for your business?

If not, think harder!


How many million people DIDN’T hear about it?

Tweet Andy nails it again……   How many million people DIDN’T hear about it?: “ Google has all sorts of cool apps for Chrome.  But they hobbled the ability to share the app — the only sharing options are Gmail or Google+.  Why is this wrong? If the sharer doesn’t use those tools — theContinue Reading


Tweet Hi, I’m Graham, your PhotoCoach. I teach photography, photographic techniques and most of the skills associated with digital workflow. Take a look at the workshop pages and my bio for more information, or email me if you have questions. Please following me on Twitter, Facebook etc. – the links are below right Happy imageContinue Reading